Queenstown costume hire has over 3000 costumes covering a variety of themes. For a sneak preview check out some of the images below:

20’s/30's Flapper

Gals and Gangsters Cha Cha the night away. Where a man's machine gun does not look out of place alongside a feather Boa and a Flapper dress.

Put on your red lipstick and silk stockings and send your man off to war in style.

“Yeah baby!” The age of free lovin... as they say if you remember the 60's you weren’t there. Let us make you the most Shagadelic person in the room.
Go on Sheila get us a tinny will ya? Bring back the Bogan! Mullets, mos, big hair shoulder pads and leg warmers.
Superheroes and Characters Rock and Pop Stars Film Stars Pimps, Prostitutes and Pornstars

Ka Pow! All you Clark Kents, Bruce Waynes and Peter Parkers, pull on your tights, battle injustice and save the world.

Like a Virgin” waiting for her “White Wedding”. Only to be left at the “Heartbreak Hotel” in a “Little Red Corvette”. From Elvis to Kid Rock and all those in between we've got you covered.

Join the spirit of the Wakatipu in true Lord of the Rings style or trade your sword and cross to the Dark Side as Darth Vader. Also casting for Shrek, Kill Bill, Grease and the Rocky Horror to name a few.
Live the Hugh Hefner fantasy surrounded by an entourage of woman at your beck and call or stuff a sock down your trousers, don a mo and bring the 70’s pornstar back into vogue.

Nurses to Nuns, Police to Pilots. Everyone likes a man in uniform. An array of formal wear is available to suit all occasions. Wow there cowboy! Rustle up some saloon gals and get on down to the O.K. Corral.

BOO! If that doesn't scare you the costumes will! Dracula, Devil, witch, Jason, mummy, Frankenstein, ghost...

Fairy Tales

Thou shalt wear fine satin gowns, lace and gloves. Tthe men shall dress like fine gentlemen in their ruffles, velvet and tights.
Wave your magic wand and be transformed into Cinderella, Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood. We can also turn your frog into a Pince Charming.
Slot Machine, Ballerina, Buzzy Bee, Beatle, Mermaid, Boxer, Chick Magnet, Prisoner , Fat Suits, Masks and the list goes on...
Bling Bling for all you Paris Hilton wannabes. Hats, wigs, shoes, bags, jellewery... (available to purchase or hire).

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